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BDSM Preferred Stock

These are reblogs of a variety of posts that struck me as particularly interesting. Sometimes it was just a particular posture or expression; sometimes it was a sense of what was going on, either the action itself or the background, a noteworthy composition or a particular combination of colors. And sometimes it was just the special kink factor. I like all of these pictures, and I am grateful to the original posters and the rebloggers, both for these and for the abundance of others; I make no claim of ownership. I have tried to eliminate the captions, since I usually figure that it is better for viewers to devise their own stories. Only for 18+; NSFW. I try not to post pictures of kids obviously under 18.

Kiss your Man’s pucker, bitch.

Really make out with it. 

French Kiss it.


Look bitch it’s simple, you do as I say when I say and you wont have to worry about being shocked. Unless I just want to see you in pain.

Tied and left helpless for whoever shows up.