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These are reblogs of a variety of posts that struck me as particularly interesting. Sometimes it was just a particular posture or expression; sometimes it was a sense of what was going on, either the action itself or the background, a noteworthy composition or a particular combination of colors. And sometimes it was just the special kink factor. I like all of these pictures, and I am grateful to the original posters and the rebloggers, both for these and for the abundance of others; I make no claim of ownership. I have tried to eliminate the captions, since I usually figure that it is better for viewers to devise their own stories. Only for 18+; NSFW. I try not to post pictures of kids obviously under 18.

His Daddy’s taking him to another party and Davey really doesn’t want to go. They’re always so mean to him at those things. He might be eighteen, but Daddy’s friends always treat him like he’s a little boy, a little boy who has to do what he’s told. They make him do real disgusting things and then beat him when he tries not to or laugh at him when he does. And his poor pussy is always so sore the next day.

But what Davey really hates is having to wear the handcuffs. He feels so helpless standing there with his wrists cuffed behind his back. They can do anything to him, anything at all, and he can’t protect himself. And Davey knows that. And what’s worse, they do, too.

Davey hates these parties. But his Daddy seems to love them. He must. He takes Davey to them all the time. All the time.

“So, Dude, do we have a deal?”

“I don’t know, boy. I’d still like a good look at your cock before I commit myself.”

“Give me a break, man, You can see the outline plain enough through these Calvins. Besides, what do you care? You said you wanted to fuck me the minute you saw me.”

“Well, I do, boy. But some of my guests - they might want to take a ride on your cock if it’s enticing enough.”

“Dude, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve serviced these parties before and I know that once some dude starts fucking my pussy that’s all any of them are gonna be interested in - that and my mouth. But, I’ll tell you what. We agree to terms and I’ll strip down right now and you can have a go at me - a freebie before the party and you can check out my junk then all you want.”

“Okay, boy. I’ll wait to see your dick. Now about those terms.”

“Dude, we’ve been over it before. No more than ten dudes at the party. I’ll strip down when I arrive at 6:00 p.m. and I’ll stay naked until I leave the next morning at 7:00 a.m. They can fuck my ass and my throat as much as they want but no DP’s, no fists. They can spank my ass with their hands and a paddle, but that’s it. No whips, canes, or anything else. They can work my nips with their fingers or clip ‘em, but no biting. I had a dude once who bit the shit out of my right tit, left fucking bite marks that took a week to go away. I can’t afford to be out of action that long. So no biting. And no scat and no piss. And I get paid $2500 when I arrive and another $2500 when I leave the next morning.“

“I don’t know, boy. It seems an awful lot of money for just one night’s work.”

“And as I pointed out to you, dude, if you’ve got 10 dudes here and they each fuck me twice, that’s $250 a pop - and my going rate is $350. If anything, you’re getting a discount.”

“Okay, boy. I’ll pay the $5,000. But I still want to talk about piss-play.”

“Dude, we’ve been over that, too. I don’t do piss. I don’t like it. I don’t like the way it tastes and I don’t like the way I smell after a couple dudes have been pissing on me.”

“What about if I offer an extra $500?”

“Dude, you give me an extra $500, I’ll let you piss down my throat. But just you and just once.”

“How about $1,000?”

“No, dude.”


“Look, dude, if you’re that hot on it, make it $2,000 and I’ll do it. But just on my body or down my throat. I don’t want anybody pissing up my ass - that gives me real bad cramps and I have to spend the rest of the night worrying about making a mess.”

“Deal, boy. Deal.”

“So, Friday night when I show up, I expect $3,500 up front. And I better get it cause if I don’t I’ll walk right back out the front door.”

“Don’t worry, boy. You’ll get $3,500 the minute you strip down. Speaking of which, what about the freebie you promised.”

“No problem, dude…..Well, what do you think?”

“Fuck, boy, I think you might actually be worth all that money.”

“That’s what I’ve been telling you, dude. That’s what I’ve been telling you.”

“Oh, please don’t. Please don’t do this to me. Please.”

“Shush, boy. You know you want it. You know you want me to fuck you.”

“Oh, God. No, I don’t. I don’t want you to fuck me. I don’t want that at all.”

“Of course you do, boy. That’s why you came down here after classes. That’s why you stripped naked when I told you to. And that’s why your little boy-dick is sticking straight out from your crotch right now. Because you know I’m gonna fuck you and that’s what you want.”

“No. No, it’s not what I want. You said you’d beat my ass if I didn’t meet you here. You said you’d mess me up real bad. I…I didn’t want that. I was…I was afraid of what you’d do to me. That’s the only reason I’m here. But I don’t want you to fuck me. Please, please don’t do that.”

“Is that it, boy? You want me to bat you around a little before I fuck you so you’ll feel better, so you can tell yourself that I raped you, that I did something you didn’t want. I’ll be happy to do that, boy, if that’ll make you feel better. But understand this, boy. You’re not fooling me. I know you want to feel my big dick coring out your tight fuck-hole. I know you want it, boy. I’ve seen the way you check me out in the showers when you don’t think anyone’s watching. You want me to fuck you, boy. We both know you want me to fuck you. But I’ll beat you first, if that’ll make you feel better about things. Is that what you want, boy? You want me to beat you first?”

“No, I don’t want you to beat me. And I don’t want you to fuck me. Just let me go. Please, just let me go.”

“That ain’t gonna happen, boy. Not until after I’ve fucked you. So enough of this bullshit, boy. Get down on your knees and get working on my hard dick. Get it nice and wet, boy, cause it’s going up your faggot butt straight from your mouth. Just like you want. Just like you want.”


OK faggot, now that you are in your proper place between my thighs, on your knees, open wide.

It's time for you to learn the phrase "Aggressive Skull Fuck".

taccess630 knew it wasn't the size of your cock that made you a real man. Few of the men who had dicked him down had a cock even as big as his own. What made them men was the way they used their cocks, making him feel inferior and making him want them even more.


Locktober lock it up lock it in lock it down

Locktober lock it up lock it in lock it down

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